I MADE THIS! – Waterstone Kitchen Faucet Manufacturing

We love what we do! Waterstone is proud be be the only American made kitchen faucet company. Our crew believes in quality craftsmanship and takes pride in their little part of the manufacturing process. Made in the USA.

Waterstone Faucet Slideshow

Showing off the best American made kitchen luxury faucet in the industry. We provide jewelry in the kitchen for designers, architects and DIY enthusiasts. Proudly made in California.

Waterstone History of the Wheel

The evolution of the wheel throughout the centuries. From the ancient Sumerians to the Waterstone Wheel Faucet.

Waterstone Square Faucet Preview

Prepare to be Square! A preview of Waterstone Faucets new Square Faucets line coming out in 2017. Waterstone kitchen faucets and accessories are Made in the USA.

Waterstone 2016 International Sales Meeting

Highlights from our International Sales Meeting in California. Waterstone reps from around the country and Canada came together for kitchen faucet training and enjoy the Southern California weather.

Waterstone Reps Assemble their own Kitchen Faucets

During a recent training session, Waterstone sales reps from Arizona, Michigan and Florida got some hands on experience assembling faucets. MAS Sales an JW Sales